Business Success Tip: How to Accept Credit Card Payments on WordPress with WPForms

Many times I’ve seen websites take their customers through too many steps. First they submit a form with information, then go through a confirmation step and then finally they send a payment through an invoice or separate payment form.

Are you wondering how to receive data and payments all in one step on your WordPress website? Generating customer information and revenue is often a website owner’s number one goal, and achieving that goal is whole lot easier with WPForms, a top WordPress plugin.

To get started click here: Install and activate WPForms

Next, go to WPForms » Add New to create a new form.

You can create an online form that gives people the option to make a one-time payment or pay on a recurring basis.

You can add additional custom fields to your form by dragging them from the left hand panel to the right hand panel.

In order to accept recurring payments, you’ll have to add at the very least these two form fields for your form to work right:

  1. An items field such as Single Item, Multiple Items, or Dropdown Items
  2. A Credit Card field

You can also add a Total form field so customers know exactly how much they’re being charged when they submit your form.

When your form looks the way you want it to, click Save.

WPForm makes it easy for you if you’ve never created a form before. You can use a template, in this case the billing/order form template.

You can accept payments using PayPal, Stripe or both.

Go on and give it a try today. See how more productive your online business becomes!

Plugin: WPForms