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How to Shrink Server 2003 Volume to Use Free Space

shrink Server 2003 volume to use free space-3

Shrink Server 2003 Volume to Use Free Space

As Server 2003 users, we always perform the operation to resize partition in Windows Server 2003. This is because some partitions in Server 2003 may be very short of free space while other volumes own enough free space. By coincidence, we want to use the certain partition whose space almost runs out.


We may consider using free space released from big partitions to extend small partitions. Then, how to obtain free space? At this time, we had better choose to shrink Server 2003 volume to use free space.


Where To Eat In Zadar, Croatia


Zadar from the Bell Tower – Zadar. Photo by Michael Daines

The ever-evolving town of Zadar is an arising culinary spot, with top gourmet chefs flocking to new and old dining establishments. Many stay true to their Mediterranean origins: fresh seafood, delicious home made macaronis,  and risottos – but creative meals now mix with more old-fashioned fare. Eating in Zadar’s restaurants is a laid-back affair; you typically don’t have to fancy up although the food is more than worth it. Zadar cuisine has become rather innovative (more…)