Pepe’s Tacos – Authentic Mexican Fajitas


Las Vegas houses the most number of rich and noteworthy eateries in America with enveloping value extents and delights. In spite of the way that the universe of fine feasting has increased compelling prevalence in the previous years, there are still various Las Vegas eateries where you can discover tasty sustenance at reasonable costs. Among the various eateries that have thrived in the City of Lights are Mexican Eateries. Las Vegas Mexican nourishment and eateries have been known not the most delectable and lavish sustenances at low costs. Actually, the quantity of Las Vegas Mexican eateries and bistros have as of now dwarfed neighborhood conceived bistros and eat in foundations inside of the state.


The following is a rundown of the absolute most famous Las Vegas Mexican eatery and bistros that Americans especially adore.


Pepe’s Tacos is a Las Vegas Mexican eatery that offers its faithful clients the best tasting breakfasts, which incorporate chorizo con juevos, eggs, beans rice and tortillas. This eatery gives various lunch and supper dinners at such low costs. Their most looked for after dinners incorporate carne asada, carnitas, mojarra, tortas, distinctive assortment of tacos, and super burritos. A wide range of dinners served at Pepe’s Tacos incorporate rice, beans and tortillas. They additionally serve chips and guacamole, carne asada French fries, and genuine Mexican beverages like Jarritos and Horchata.


Roberto’s Taco Shop has 11 branches inside of Las Vegas and it impressively offers shoddy eating at its finest. They have a wide exhibit of mix plates, burritos, taquitos, tortas, tostadas, and tacos. Roberto’s carne asada super nachos are greatly delightful and they serve it in enormous delicious parts. This Las Vegas Mexican eatery additionally serves delectable chicken tacos that are broiled and are loaded down with chicken, lettuce and cheddar.


Manor Pizza is a famous eatery that serves the most true and mouth-watering New York flimsy outside pizzas. The sauce, covering and the sizzling cheddar that melts and dribbles off from the pizza cut is certainly tempting to take a gander at. There are additionally lunch platters and specials that are exceptionally reasonable. You can either purchase the pizza by cut or request them in entirety. They likewise have an in-house serving of mixed greens bar where clients are permitted to spruce up their own plate of mixed greens dressings and fixings. Their line of sweets, which incorporate browned mixture treats secured in a fine sugar and stuffed crisp in a paper sack, is just truly uncommon.


El Pollo Loco is a gigantic Las Vegas Mexican eatery network that gathers in making the most mouth-watering fire flame broiled chicken. In the event that you have not tasted the mouth-watering chicken of El Pollo Loco, you can visit the shop on the off chance that you are in Vegas. There are a sum of 12 branches around the town, and every evolved way of life accompanies an ample salsa bar to help you in sprucing up your chicken and dinner. Their chicken is perpetually the dominant ruler of this spot. It is particularly known for its delicate and delicious inner parts and its brilliant and firm exterior. El Pollo Loco suppers are Mexican-enlivened and there are additionally various crisp and solid nourishment decisions incorporated into their menu.

Pepe’s Tacos

Address: 2490 Fremont St, Las Vegas, NV 89104

Phone:(702) 360-5200

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