Recover Damaged Partition with a Powerful Restoration Program

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If you need to recover damaged partition, MiniTool Power Data Recovery is a nice recommendation.

Data loss is a terrible matter for computer users, but it happens frequently. Have users ever come across the case that one partition is damaged and all data in it get lost. We think many users may meet this situation before. When encountering such a case, users are sure to wonder if the data in damaged partition can be restored and how to recover damaged partition.

Kinds of Partition Damage


Partition damage is usually divided into two groups: physical damage and logical damage. Physical damage, such as scratch, is deadly to a partition,even a disk. If a disk is scratched, its data can be rarely retrieved.


By contrast with physical damage, logical damage is easier to be handled. The main causes for this case roughly involve improper operation, partition table damage and virus invasion. If a partition is logically damaged, users can recover files from damaged partition with ease by resorting to a piece of file recovery software on condition that lost data are not covered by newly saved data.


How to Recover Damaged Partition Successfully


To achieve successful file recovery, users need to make use of a reliable recovery program. But how to pick out an excellent one from so many recovery tools is a hard work for users who are strange to data recovery. For this reason, we’d like to recommend a perfect tool for data recovery to users to help them find data back as soon as possible.


MiniTool Power Data Recovery, a piece of professional and green software, is designed for recovering data from lost and damaged partition, as well as restoring deleted, lost and formatted data from devices, like U disk and memory card. Here is a demonstration of how to carry out the recovery.


Recover damaged partition-1


Open Power Data Recovery and activate “Damaged Partition Recovery” (which can be used to recover damaged and formatted partition) to start.


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Choose the damaged partition to scan by clicking “Full Scan”.


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Some files have been found and listed in the interface. Tick the needing ones and then hit “Save” to specify another partition to hold them. Finally, click “OK” to finish the damaged partition recovery.


The process to recover damaged partition is so simple that we believe every user can master it easily and quickly. Please keep paying attention to this file recovery software to know its latest news.